Find out if you qualify

Investment Amount

The minimum investment size is AU$100,000 (AU$250,000 for the M Core Fixed Income product). We have no upper limit though amounts of AU$20m and above will be subject to management approval.

Investor Qualification

We are authorised to accept investment from wholesale investors in Australia. If you fall into any of the following categories it is likely you are eligible to invest with Mayfair Platinum:

  • investing AU$500,000 or more;
  • net assets of AU$2.5m* or above; or
  • gross Income of at least A$U250,000 per annum for two consecutive financial years*.

*Accountant’s certificate issued within the last two years required.

Our team can assist with assessing your eligibility – call us on 1800 101 500 and we will gladly assist.

USEFUL TIP: Many investors who enquire with Mayfair Platinum uncertain about whether they qualify, do in fact qualify after checking their eligibility with us and verifying this with their accountant.


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