Key Benefits

Monthly Income Distributions

Imagine receiving money in your bank account every month without lifting a finger

Join Mayfair Platinum and enjoy the benefits of monthly distributions.

Opportunity to earn an income stream

We surveyed our investors and listened to their feedback – quarterly distributions simply weren’t enough, they wanted a monthly income stream.

Mayfair Platinum’s investment options can pay distributions monthly, meaning you have the opportunity to receive a regular monthly income stream to your nominated bank account.

Income investment strategy

Investing in property to receive a rental yield or investing in Australian listed companies to receive dividends are viable strategies for earning an income, however these investments often require ongoing attention and maintenance.

Mayfair Platinum’s investment options provide the opportunity to earn a regular monthly income from your money without the headaches of ongoing management of your investment. Simply leave that to us and our investment team to manage.

Re-invest your distributions

If compounding your investment is important we also provide the option for your distributions to be re-invested. This can help you build up your investment.

Flexible Terms

Mayfair Platinum’s term-based investment options provide you with the flexibility to deploy your capital for the timeframe that suits you

Our investors love having the ability to select between our 3, 6, 12, 24, and 60 month investment options.

Invest over multiple periods

Many investors choose to deploy their capital over multiple periods depending on when they need access to their capital.

Whether you want to invest long term and receive monthly income distributions to supplement your income, or place your money with Mayfair Platinum until you decide your next big investment move, our flexible investment options cater to many investor types.

Early exit available (fee applies)

Mayfair Platinum’s early exit option provides flexibility for those needing access to their funds prior to the end of their investment term. Read our FAQ’s for more information about the early exit option and the early exit fee.

Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

There’s nothing more important than having a direct point of contact when it comes to your investments

It’s common sense, but looking after your customers is key to running a successful business.

Personalised service at its best

Mayfair Platinum’s focus on High Net Worth investors who are wholesale clients means we can dedicate more time to each investor – and our clients notice the difference!

Every investor has a dedicated Australia-based point of contact and receives their direct email address and mobile number.

No more being treated like a number

When you call Mayfair Platinum there are no automated voice-activated help systems. Your call is answered by our Australia-based team and we place great pride in minimal hold times and responsive customer service.

We endeavour to answer all queries within 1 business day (often just a matter of hours), which is a level of service High Net Worth investors should expect as a bare minimum.

$100k Minimum Investment

We understand that investors like to ‘dip their toe in the water’ first

So we lowered the bar to be more accessible to wholesale investors.

Get started from as little as AU$100,000

You may consider making Mayfair Platinum’s investment options part of your diversified investment strategy. We suggest starting with an amount you are comfortable with and building up over time as your appetite and financial position allows.

Many of our investors start with the minimum of AU$100,000 (AY$250,000 for M Core Fxied Income) then increase their investment over time.

We also work with the big dogs

Mayfair Platinum’s investment options accepts investment from family offices, financial institutions, funds, estates, universities, strata groups, companies, self-managed super funds and trusts.

Whilst there is no maximum investment amount, investments of AU$20 million and above are subject to management approval.

Investment Terms

Make your money work harder with attractive investment options

Mayfair Platinum provides investors with term-based investment solutions.

Build the lifestyle you deserve

With inflation eroding investment returns it is important to have your money working optimally for you.

Mayfair Platinum’s attractive fixed returns provide investors with the opportunity to generate an income from their investment and enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

We’re proud of our track record

Since inception, Mayfair Platinum has always paid its fixed returns in full. In fact, our track record of always paying distributions is a key reason why people invest with Mayfair Platinum.

Exclusively For Wholesale Investors

Wholesale investors seek better service and returns

Mayfair Platinum’s investment solutions are tailored specifically to wholesale investors, which generally-speaking represents investors with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to invest.

Note: Mayfair Platinum is authorised to accept investment in Mayfair Platinum’s investtment options from wholesale investors only. Mayfair Platinum does not accept investment from retail investors, non-wholesale investors, or investors not residing in Australia.

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Mayfair Platinum recognises that investors with this level of capacity are in fact adding greater value to the investments they make compared to retail investors, who generally have a smaller investment capacity. This is why we provide the opportunity for better returns and a more personalised level of customer service.

By specifically tailoring our term-based investment products to High Net Worth individuals (i.e. Wholesale investors) we are able to go the extra mile to ensure a truly seamless and gratifying experience.


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