Mayfair Australian Property Bonds Invest in Australia's upcoming tourism mecca

A fixed income, first-mortgage secured investment opportunity

Tired of low interest rates? Investing in Mayfair Australian Property Bonds is an effective way to generate a yield on your idle money with the security support of registered first mortgages over properties of your choice in Australia’s upcoming tourism mecca – Mission Beach, Queensland.

Key features:

  • Earn 5.25 – 9.20% p.a. fixed monthly income*;
  • $250k minimum investment;
  • Secured by registered first mortgage over Australian real estate;
  • Interest capitalised for 6 months, then paid monthly or continual capitalisation thereafter;
  • You choose the property(s) – residential, commercial, land or rural;
  • You choose your preferred loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR)(50-90%);
  • Flexible terms; and
  • No fees

*Rates presently offered depend on investment amount, investment period, property type and LVR.

This is investment opportunity is available to qualified investors.  To get started, simply complete the enquiry form or call us on 1800 101 500.

» Click here to watch our videos on the Dunk Island and Mission Beach project

Invest in Australia’s upcoming tourism mecca

Mayfair Iconic Properties is developing Mission Beach and Dunk Island into Australia’s upcoming tourism mecca. With COVID-19 likely to limit overseas travel for some time, there is no better time to support the local economy whilst earning a competitive return on your idle money.

We are providing qualified wholesale investors the ability to be part of the Mayfair 101 Group’s planned $1.6 billion investment in the region, by investing in Mayfair Australian Property Bonds – a fixed income investment solution backed by direct first mortgage security on Mayfair 101 Group-owned & managed properties of your choice.

An opportunity that matters

The Mayfair 101 Group’s planned investment in Mission Beach and Dunk Island is estimated to create over 10,000 new jobs in Far North Queensland, based on an economic impact study undertaken by AEC Group Limited.  Dunk Island was previously the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Far North Queensland, and the Mayfair 101 Group invites you to be a part of this strong social purpose investment.


First Mortgage Security

Investors will receive the benefit of direct first mortgage security over Australian real estate in Australia’s upcoming tourism mecca – Mission Beach, Queensland. 

You can visit the property(s) mortgaged to you and this magical region either online through Google Earth or in person.  It’s just a short 2 hour drive south of Cairns, situated between 2 world-heritage listed sites – the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rainforest.

Customise Your Security

Inform us of your preferred investment amount and period, and our Mayfair Platinum Investor Relations Team will prepare a list of Mayfair 101 Group-owned properties in Mission Beach for you to choose from. You can choose your preferred loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR) – the higher the ratio (or the longer the term), the higher the interest rate.

You can choose from residential, commercial, land and rural properties to make up your portfolio of mortgaged properties, with fixed income returns being based on property type, LVR, investment amount and term.


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