Mayfair 101 Launches Australian Property Bond to Power Mission Beach, Dunk Island Revival

Leading Australian fixed income investment specialists Mayfair 101 today launched a fixed income
property bond aimed exclusively at wholesale investors seeking an investment supported by first
registered mortgages.

The Mayfair Australian Property Bond offers investors the ability to earn competitive fixed rates of
return in exchange for direct registered first mortgage security over properties the group owns in
Mission Beach, Queensland.

The bond is the first opportunity Australian investors will have to be part of the Group’s plan to turn
Mission Beach and Dunk Island into an Australian tourism mecca.

Mayfair 101 Group Managing Director, James Mawhinney, said: “With interest rates on traditional
investment products at record lows, the Mayfair Australian Property Bonds provide investors the
ability to invest in a region that will play a significant role in the revival of the Australian tourism

“We are democratising the financing of this significant project by giving investors full transparency
and the ability and to pick their properties, loan-to-valuation ratios, investment term and investment
amount. It’s an important strategic move to bring more awareness and support to the region.”

The Bonds will give investors the opportunity to select which properties their investment is secured
against via a first registered mortgage. Investors will receive monthly income payments at rates of
5.25%-9.20% depending on the property type, duration, LVR and investment amount.

The Bond is being offered by the Group’s investor-facing division, Mayfair Platinum. It is limited to
qualified wholesale investors and has a minimum investment amount of $250,000.

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