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Mayfair Platinum is a dedicated investor-facing division of the Mayfair 101 group, a family-owned investment conglomerate with significant interests in real estate, financial services, emerging markets, and media.  The Mayfair 101 group also has a small portion of its assets in early stage businesses to back outstanding entrepreneurs and businesses of the future.

Qualified investors can access term-based investment options starting from AU$100,000 and ranging from 3 months to 5 years, with the option of monthly interest payments. We accept investment from individuals, self-managed superannuation funds, companies and trusts.

Mayfair Platinum builds on the strong customer satisfaction rating of IPO Wealth, which is a testament to the team’s strong focus on customer service. Mayfair Wealth Partners Pty Ltd (t/a Mayfair Platinum) is a corporate authorised representative (#00176207) of Quattro Capital Pty Ltd, which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (#334653).


The Mayfair 101 group was established in 2009 and has assets spanning 10+ countries across a diverse range of sectors, including financial services, wealth management, technology, property and emerging markets. Our capital management strategy provides considerable geographic, industry & sector, business maturity, and currency diversification, which is a key reason why investors entrust their funds with us.

Mayfair 101 is operating internationally as an innovative and forward thinking group pushing the alternative investments industry ahead. In Australia, Mayfair 101 is best-known as the corporate group of it’s investor-facing subsidiaries Mayfair Platinum and IPO Wealth, which provide access to a range of cash-investment alternatives prioritising exposure to opportunities that are typically only accessed by family offices, investment banks, stockbrokers and ultra-wealthy investors.


The Reserve Bank of Australia’s most recent decision to decrease official interest rates further places even more Australian investors in a position where they are struggling to achieve a yield on their idle money. Whilst it’s good news for those with mortgages, declining interest rates have meant many investors reliant on monthly income are left wondering why their returns have dried up.

For many, earning a low rate of return on their idle money is neither desirable nor sustainable, particularly given that inflation is currently higher (1.8% per annum, December quarter 2019) than the cash rate (0.50% per annum, 4 March 2020). Investors are now forced to look for alternatives to keep ahead financially and maintain their lifestyles. Otherwise they might risk going backwards by doing nothing.

Low interest rates have resulted in much-needed innovation within the financial services industry to fill the gaps left by the banks, both in terms of investment products and also deployment of capital. Non-bank alternatives have created wide opportunities for investors and companies. This creates a raft of opportunities for those that are more nimble and forward-thinking to capitalise upon.

If your are looking for somewhere to invest your idle money to keep ahead in this low rate environment, please call our friendly team on 1800 101 500 or simply fill out our enquiry form.

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